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Aristotle Casegoods Aristotle Casegoods 
Desk Surfaces
  • Classic
  • Bow Front
Desk Fronts
  • Recessed
Laminate Finishes


Modesty Panels (Integrated)
  • Laminate
Storage Doors
  • Laminate
  • Framed Acrylic
  • Flat edge
  • Wave edge ABS
Worksurface Thickness
  • 1"
  • 1.5"
Paper Slots
  • Laminate
Leg Finishes
  • Black
  • Silver
Horizontal and Vertical Finishes - Separate Selection

Height Adjustable - Private Office

Height Adjustable - Open Office

Soft-Close Doors/Drawers

Touch-Latch Doors

Open Office
  • Fixed peninsulas

Private Office

Category typical

  • TFL laminate
Conference Room
  • Rectangle table
  • Boat table
Reception Area


Power/Cable Management
Drawer Access (Rear)

Power Access Panels

Surface Power

Installed Height
Desks, Returns, Bridges, Shells, P Tops, D Tops, Credenzas
  • 29" classic
  • 29.5" executive
Lateral Files


Mobile Pedestals
  • 21.5"
  • 27.75"
Surface-Mount Hutches/Overheads
  • 36" for 65" installed
  • 43" for 72" installed
Wall-Mount Hutches/Overheads


Surface-Mount Bookcases
  • 36"
  • 43"
Reception Desks

44" overall - 30" desk

  • 29"
  • 48"
  • 65"
  • 72"
Low Storage



Under Desk Storage

28" for 29" installed

  • 48"
  • 54"
  • 65"
  • 72"
Narrow Tower

  • 48"
  • 54"
  • 65"
  • 72"

Modular 29" Pedestals, Multifiles, Bookcases, Open Storage, Supports
  • Limited
  • Integrated
Low Modular 21" Storage, Bookcases

Modular 3-Drawer Lateral

Modular Height-Adjustable Legs

Modular Height-Adjustable Cabinets, Credenzas

Approved Materials
Fabric Options

Up to 55 fabric options on select styles

Finish Options

Up to 53 options on select styles

Use this convenient tool to expedite your furniture specification process. Compare differences and similarities among KI products within the following categories: Lounge Seating, Multipurpose Tables, Nesting Chairs, Stack Seating, Student Seating, Task Seating, Casegoods and Architectural Wall (additional categories coming soon). Or, type in a product name from these categories in the search bar above to view its specifications and details. Please contact your dedicated KI sales specialist with questions.


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