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  • /uploadedImages/Siteroot/Products/Product_Groups/UndermountR8_angle_320x320px.jpg

    Undermount R8 Power Module

    This power module mounts under the work surface for convenient power with less cord mess. Contains eight receptacles and can be used with or without a wire management trough.

  • /uploadedImages/Siteroot/Products/Product_Groups/Thumbnails/Uniframe_round_u_thumbnail.jpg

    Uniframe Cafeteria Table

    Easy to move, rearrange, store and clean under, Uniframe® cafeteria tables make it easy to accommodate any number of functions in one space.

  • /uploadedImages/Siteroot/Products/Product_Groups/Thumbnails/UCB_bench_angle1_thumbnail.jpg

    Uniframe Convertible Bench

    Easy to move, rearrange, store and clean under, Uniframe® convertible benches make it easy to accommodate any number of functions in one space.

  • /uploadedImages/Siteroot/Products/Product_Groups/Thumbnails/Unite_traditional_700S_Impress_thumbnail.jpg

    Unite System

    Unite office panel system is a simple, responsive approach to space that unifies people, furniture, and architecture to create high-performance work environments.

  • /uploadedImages/Siteroot/Products/Product_Groups/Universal Height-Adjustable Screen_Angle_6_thumbnail.jpg

    Universal Height-Adjustable Screens

    Whether you want privacy to focus on a task or the ability to interact with your coworkers, you can control your workspace with the Universal Height-Adjustable Screen.

  • /uploadedImages/Siteroot/Products/Product_Groups/Thumbnails/Sys3M_overheads_woodgrain_thumbnail.jpg

    Universal Overheads

    Open and close it from a seated or standing position. Universal overhead storage is wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant, easy for anyone to open and close. Choose from a wide variety of color combinations to create the look you desire.

  • /uploadedImages/Siteroot/Products/Product_Groups/Thumbnails/Univ_S base_Strive_thumbnail.jpg

    University Fixed Seating

    University™ seating accommodates a wide variety of uses with floor-mounted bases and swing-away seating that automatically returns to the forward position for a neat appearance. 

  • Wardrobe Towers_400x400px.jpeg?keep=c&crop=yes&u=vzbxfu

    U-Series Storage

    Create a productive, efficient workplace with U-Series storage. Storage elements maximize space, making the most of small footprints without compromising functionality.