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    Tattoo Screens

    Tattoo Spine and Flex screens feature a unique base design, allowing them to stand independently. A variety of screen inserts can be added to enhance aesthetics, acoustics and function.

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    Tattoo Slim Seating

    Available with glides or casters, optional power modules, and integrated laminate surface tables, Tattoo seating is ideal for individual work areas, private offices, or gathering spaces with a limited footprint.

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    Tattoo Storage

    Tattoo storage provides a perfect balance of work and personal compartments. Featuring an inset leg design, storage elements can easily be placed throughout your workspace.

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    Tattoo Tables

    Tattoo tables are designed to fit the compact proportions of Tattoo lounge seating and storage elements. Featuring a single column base, Tattoo tables maximize leg room and ease ingress and egress.

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    Tea Cup Lounge Seating

    Full of character, design appeal and inspiration, Tea Cup™ lounge seating redefines the definition of form versus function. Keep it simple or mix a variety of combinations through contrasting upholstery, metal foot finishes and optional wood armcaps or tablet arm.

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    Toggle Adjustable Table

    Featuring value and versatility at its best, Toggle adjustable tables extend the benefits of electronically-modulated sit-stand work surfaces to everyone.

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    Tool Rails

    Tool rails offer an easy-to-use system for organizing paper management, office supplies and media.

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    Torsion Air Nesting Chair

    Torsion Air® combines a patented torsion flex mechanism with a fresh, mesh back. The result is a light visual impression, breathability and exceptional comfort. Nesting styles have a flip-up seat for efficient and convenient storage. Available with arms, armless, or with tablet arm.

  • /uploadedImages/Siteroot/Products/Product_Groups/Thumbnails/TA_4 leg_arms_angle_thumbnail.jpg

    Torsion Air Stack Chair

    Torsion Air® combines a patented torsion flex mechanism with a fresh, mesh back. The result is a light visual impression, breathability and exceptional comfort. Stack chairs available with four-leg or sled base. Available with arms, armless, or with tablet arm.

  • /uploadedImages/Siteroot/Products/Product_Groups/Thumbnails/TA_task_arms_angle1_thumbnail.jpg

    Torsion Air Task Chair

    Torsion Air® combines a patented torsion flex mechanism with a fresh, mesh back. The result is a light visual impression, breathability and exceptional comfort. Task chair height adjusts from 18" to 23". Available with arms, or armless.

  • /uploadedImages/Siteroot/Products/Product_Groups/Thumbnails/TA_task stool_armless_thumbnail.jpg

    Torsion Air Task Stool

    Discover the essence of clean, modern, conforming comfort. This fresh interpretation of classic Torsion® combines a lighter visual impression, breathability, and exceptional comfort.

  • /uploadedImages/Siteroot/Products/Product_Groups/Thumbnails/TOTG_uphseat_armless_angle_glide_thumbnail.jpg

    Torsion on the Go! Nesting Chair

    Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, the thick seat cushion and flexible back make the Torsion® on the Go! Nesting chair comfortable enough to use as a task chair, yet affordable enough to use as a side chair. Available with arms, adjustable tablet arm or armless.

  • /uploadedImages/Siteroot/Products/Product_Groups/Thumbnails/Tors Stack_4 leg_uph_armless_thumbnail.jpg

    Torsion Stack Chair

    The Torsion® stack chair offers the exceptional comfort of passive ergonomics at a moderate price. Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, Torsion's clean lines are compatible with any environment. Available in armless or armchair versions with two types of tablet arms available with the full sled base and straight four-leg frame.


    Torsion Tandem Seating

    For waiting and public areas, beam-mounted Torsion® tandem seating offers comfort, adaptable configurations and easy maintenance. Create multiple seating configurations to fit your space.

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    Torsion Task Chair

    Lightweight and small in scale, Torsion® task chairs allow quick and easy movement. Designed by Giancarlo Piretti this ergonomic task chair features a smooth back flex and a contoured and waterfall seat with lumbar support.

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    Torsion Task Stool

    For educational and healthcare applications requiring stool height seating, KI provides outstanding comfort in the easy to use, easy to maintain Torsion stool designed by Giancarlo Piretti. The Torsion Stool has a flex back that moves as you move. Two seat height options are available.

  • /uploadedImages/Siteroot/Products/Product_Groups/Thumbnails/TTC_Trek_profile_thumbnail.jpg

    Trek Table

    Discover a fresh perspective on table design with Trek® tables. The angled profile of the leg is a significant departure from traditional "floor-hugging" bases. This new design direction extends to more edge selections and design options, too.

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    Trellis System

    Trellis is a simple power and data chase that enables greater workplace freedom.

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    True Desking System

    True® desks are a true combination of power and productivity. This innovative desking system seamlessly fuses contemporary and classic styles.