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    Flipping for STEM

    The flipped classroom is hot news. But what does STEM have anything to do with it? And how should you be thinking about these engaged learning environments?

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    Smart Remodeling

    Modern research shows that students perform better in rooms bathed in natural light. "Visually stimulating," ergonomic tablesĀ 

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    Dick Resch: Building Schools Designed to Succeed

    The schools of yesteryear, with their rows of desks and stair-stepped lecture halls, simply don't work for the students of today.

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    KI Neocon 2013

    It's been two years now that Shawn Green has been Director of Design and the experience has been "fantastic," to use his word. And, not to pretend to be a design critic, his effect upon product design has been noticeable and favorable.

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    Talking and Thinking

    Instead of simply showing off the company's new products, KI will be introducing new ideas -- concepts that get the industry talking and thinking about how to take the new products and use them in different, interesting ways.

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    Alternative Uses

    I can park it next to an outlet when I need to plug in and it keeps me honest about the amount of stuff I let collect on the desk.

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    Grazie Mille

    The Grazie stacking chair from KI aims to relieve some of the aches and pains that come with our modern lifestyle.

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    13 Educational Points to Ponder in 2013

    Many factors, including changing demographics and student learning patterns, will affect education this year and beyond.

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    KI Learn2 Tablet Desk Review

    MIke Riley from iPhone + iPad Life Magazine reviews the new Learn2 tablet desk.

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    High-tech Desks

    Don't try carving your name into the desks that some media schools are implementing. When Orlando-area media arts academy Full Sail University adds or renovates space for new classrooms, it now installs KI Datalink desks.