Government Furniture Solutions

Our experience in supporting various state, local and federal entities in the procurement of government furniture helps us understand the intricacies of this particular market. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to your needs, so that we can aptly suggest the right mix of government furniture that measures up to your high standards and budgetary requirements.

Meeting the Government Furniture Needs of Each Buyer in Every Branch

We call on our extensive knowledge of public and private sectors to deliver efficient, ergonomic government furniture that enhances any environment and fits any budget. Our furniture portfolio includes government office furniture such as: movable walls, desking systems, conference and training tables, task chairs, healthcare furniture, lounge seating, multiple seating, filing cabinets and dormitory and quarters furniture. Whether you're furnishing offices for an administration, a Veterans' Administration hospital or training facilities for a military branch, our government furniture portfolio will address your varied needs.

We are also on contract with GSA as well as state/local organizations such as NJPA. Participation in these contracts helps us offer you a wide range of cost-effective government furniture solutions.

Our experience makes all the difference, helping us address the individual needs of each buyer in every branch.

KI Partners with NJPA

KI is proud to partner with NJPA to offer furniture at affordable prices to government agencies, K-12 school districts, higher education and non-profits nationwide.


KI Furniture Solutions on GSA Contract

KI's GSA furniture contract (GS-28F-0033P) offers a wide range of cost-effective product solutions.