Designing Business Furniture That Works for Everyone

Growth is a common business objective and change is a constant challenge. At KI, we create business furniture that is transitional, flexible and adaptive in support of growth and in response to change.

Smart Business Furniture Solutions & Systems

Architectural walls, systems, casegoods, adjustable desking systems, conference tables, ergonomic task chairs, lounge seating, lobby benches, filing cabinets and computer accessories are all designed by KI to respond to forward progress and lateral shifts common in businesses and corporations, while supporting rapid changes in technology.

From identifying work patterns to finding effective ways of maximizing space utilization, we help you determine the realities of how work is performed and how our business furniture can address your company's unique working habits. Through workplace audits, we observe the many ways and areas in which work gets done. Then, working collaboratively, we evaluate the most cost-effective options and determine which highly functional business furniture solutions will meet your short- and long-term goals. Equally important, we ensure that every space in your real estate is used to enhance productivity.

Savvy employers also understand how to leverage every bit of real estate to cultivate additional employee engagement opportunities. Lobbies and lounges are seeing more use as collaborative spaces for informal meetings. Our business furniture can help you create a visual signature for your lobby and lounge areas. Our wide selection of furniture offers styles from the traditional to the contemporary, allowing you to establish the tone for your business and reflect your culture with both customers and employees.

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Stay Up to Date With the Industry

KI's VP of Business & Workplace Strategy Jonathan Webb studies workplace trends, uncovers product gaps and develops solutions with the KI team. He pens frequent blog posts on topics that affect the business world.

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Work Your Style

Throughout the course of a day, we work in many ways. Yet the goal is the same - to be productive. KI has identified four common work styles. Each work style encompasses employee preferences and different types of work.


Personalized Furniture Solutions

Our Personalized Furniture Solutions capabilities help you bring your visions to life. See how three KI clients were able to design signature spaces using our unique design and manufacturing capabilities.