Price Lists

To effectively manage our contract furniture portfolio, we continually evaluate and challenge our supply chain, developing sources to ensure you receive KI products made from the highest quality materials at the most competitive price. For the most current pricing, select any of the price lists below.

  • Affina Price List

    Affina Collection Price List

    Item # KI-11591 | Updated 2018-07-02
  • Classroom Collections Price List

    Item # KI-11491R2 | Updated 2018-10-12
    Intellect® Classroom Furniture
    Intellect Wave® Classroom Furniture
    Ivy League® Classroom Furniture
    Instruct® Classroom Furniture 


  • Classroom Tables Chairs Price List

    Item # KI-11492R1 | Updated 2018-10-17

    Activity Tables
    Intellect® Activity Tables

  • CrossRoads Price List

    Item # KI-11395R2 | Updated 2018-07-02
  • KI-11621_Doni_Seating_cover.jpg

    Doni Seating Collection Price List

    Item # KI-11621 | Updated 2018-09-26
  • Folding Chairs Stools Price List

    Item # KI-11480R2 | Updated 2018-11-07
    Folding Chairs
    100 Series
    300 Series
    700 Series®
    Design Line
    Folding Chairs 05
    Front Row Seats®
    Storage & Accessories
    600 Series
    700 Series®
    800 Series
    Medical & Laboratory


  • MyPlace Lounge Collection Price List

    FourC Seating Price List

    Item # KI-PLW-000063 | Updated 2018-07-11
  • Healthcare Seating Price List

    Item # KI-11481R1 | Updated 2018-07-02
    LaResta Day Bed
    Perth Sleepers
    Perth Recliners
    Perth Patient Chairs
    Perth Bariatric Seating
    Perth Glider
    Rose Patient Chairs
    Soltice Sleeper
    Soltice Recliners 
    Soltice Patient Chair
    Soltice Bariatric
    Soltice Glider


  • Learn2 Price List

    Learn2 Seating Price List

    Item # KI-11584 | Updated 2018-07-18
  • Multiple Seating Price List

    Lobby & Lounge Seating Price List

    Item # KI-11482R1 | Updated 2018-07-02

    Arissa Collection
    Cody Lounge Seating
    Hub Modular Seating Collection
    Jessa Lounge Seating
    Kurv Benches
    Lyra Lounge Collection

    Mesa Lounge Seating
    Neena Bench
    Sela Lounge Collection
    Soltíce Lounge Seating
    Tea Cup Lounge Seating