Case Studies

It’s always inspiring to see how others address the same issues you face on a daily basis: integrating furniture with architecture, addressing space issues, incorporating flexibility and mobility. We’ve collected a library of case studies for you to reference. Whether you need inspiration or information, you can find it here. View the images, read the studies, download a PDF, or share with a colleague or client.

  • EmoryPP

    Emory University - Goizueta Business School

    Item # KI-01027
    The Goizueta Business School at Emory University was remodeling the Jenkins Commons - the room most frequented by students on campus - to achieve a more inviting environment. They wanted comfortable, stylish furniture that would encourage students to use this room as the number one place to hang out and study.
  • MarquettePP

    Marquette University

    Item # KI-00963
    In Marquette’s new engineering building, the goal was to create learning spaces that incorporate technology/power and support both collaborative and independent study environments, whether in classrooms or lounge/break-out areas.
  • Illinois Valley Community College Case History

    Illinois Valley Community College Case History

    Item # KI-01013
    IVCC designed a new facility to house all student services in one convenient place with a vision for a state-of-the-art space to attract and retain students. The outcome is a showcase featuring high-tech, personalized solutions and engaging learning spaces.
  • St. Cloud Technical and Community College

    St. Cloud Technical and Community College

     Keeping in mind the requirements of this quickly expanding school, KI selected diverse furniture solutions that would exhibit the southwest feel St. Cloud Technical and Community College wanted. A variety of seating options with complementary fabric types created uniformity throughout the building.

  • Moore Norman Technology Center

    Moore Norman Technology Center

    Item # KI-00917
    One of the nation’s premiere educational and training institutions, Moore Norman Technology Center, added a new IT building to campus. This contemporary building, designed to attract students in the creative and high-tech career areas, needed to be flexible to accommodate student changes from semester to semester.
  • Michigan State University Wells Hall and McDonel Hall

    Michigan State University Wells Hall and McDonel Hall

    Item # KI-00933
    MSU boasts of being one of the top research universities in the world on one of the biggest, greenest campuses in the country. The university transitioned existing, outdated buildings (Wells Hall and McDonel Hall) into centerpieces of collaboration and evolving learning approaches with the use of KI furniture.
  • Florida International University School of International and Public Affairs

    Florida International University School of International and Public Affairs

    The new School of International and Public Affairs boasts innovation and cutting-edge performance. KI’s design team furnished the building with the newest KI designs to create a fresh and modern space.
  • Brooklyn Law School

    Brooklyn Law School

    Item # KI-00968
    Brooklyn Law School selected KI’s Genius ® movable walls to transform an unfinished storage space into a beautiful, functional and highly flexible environment. The double-decker stacked configuration of movable walls features an artful blend of glass, color and lighting to create an industrial, open and welcoming environment—all while supporting the school’s emphasis on maximizing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
  • Washington University OT Lecture Hall

    Washington University OT Lecture Hall

    Item # KI-00950
    The Occupational Therapy department lecture hall at Washington University in St. Louis was rejuvenated with enhanced technological capabilities and a curved tier arrangement that allows more intimate interaction between students and instructors. It features Avail task seating, fixed Seminar tables and Synthesis tables.
  • Washingtong State University - Vancouver - Engineering and Computer Science Hall

    Washington State University, Vancouver

    Item # KI-00932
    Washington State University offers students the opportunity to take their education to the next level in their recently constructed, cutting-edge Engineering and Computer Science building. Here, electrical and mechanical engineers learn, experiment and discover in a variety of rooms from computer labs to meeting rooms and auditoriums. KI’s design team needed to make quick decisions to efficiently accommodate the unique functions of each different room.