Case Studies

It’s always inspiring to see how others address the same issues you face on a daily basis: integrating furniture with architecture, addressing space issues, incorporating flexibility and mobility. We’ve collected a library of case studies for you to reference. Whether you need inspiration or information, you can find it here. View the images, read the studies, download a PDF, or share with a colleague or client.

  • Homeless Alliance West Town Campus Project Profile

    Homeless Alliance West Town Campus

    Item # KI-00939

    The Homeless Alliance needed quality and rugged durability with a bright and cheerful look. KI proposed proven durable products within their budget guidelines, like Sela, Strive, Versa, Maestro and Intellect Wave seating in fun colors.

  • Skokie Public Library

    Skokie Public Library

    Item # KI-00959
    To accommodate growing demands, KI developed floor plans and architectural renderings using Genius movable wall. Within this modular system, KI incorporated power duplexes and matched existing architectural interior details and finishes to make it appear as though the walls had always been there. 
  • Signal Synchronization Center Project Profile

    Signal Synchronization Center Project Profile

    Signal Synchronization Center was in search of a single supplier to provide the perfect product solutions throughout the building. The center looked to KI for furnishings to enrich existing décor and achieve a LEED Silver certification.
  • Lee County Justice Center Project Profile

    Lee County Justice Center Project Profile

    Lee County Justice Center needed a renovation that would provide an open and
    aesthetically pleasing space. The KI design team created the desired aesthetic and
    sustainability goals with Genius movable wall and WireWorks panel system.
  • Government - Chicago, Illinois

    Government - Chicago, Illinois

    Item # KI-00830
    The use of movable walls was needed to create an open office space featuring curved conference areas and as much natural light as possible. KI’s Genius® architectural walls were strategically positioned to accommodate natural light and gentle sloping arched walls with newly created post covers for the curved conference areas. The end results were not only visually pleasing but also environmentally sustainable.
  • Kansas City - City Hall Case History

    Kansas City - City Hall Case History

    Item # KI-00822
    The City Hall building in Kansas City, Mo., stands as a tribute to the city’s history. Over the decades though, the building’s interior spaces became outdated. So the city undertook an effort to renovate the first, fourth and 22nd floors. KI worked with the Capital Improvements Management Office and Piper/Wind Architects to find the right solutions based on how each of the departments operated creating more efficient and accessible spaces.
  • Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center

    Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center

    Item # KI-00677
    The Sierra Nevada Job Corps needed a single-source solution to accommodate the diverse needs of a secondary education facility, including classrooms, offices, recreational areas and resource center. KI provided the True Desking System to meet the unique needs within the library/computer resource center while recommending color, texture, and lighting to reflect the facility's distinctive architecture.
  • Navy Medical Legal Department

    Navy Medical Legal Department

    Item # KI-00630B
    The Navy Medical Legal Department needed more storage and an updated workstation to increase efficiency, ergonomics and accessibility. KI delivered with freestanding True desking and Engage task chairs that take advantage of the abundance of natural light and glass block walls that provide visual interest.
  • Navy Medical Materials Management Department

    Navy Medical Materials Management Department

    Item # KI-00630A
    When looking for a space that reflected a team atmosphere with a fully powered worksurface, the Navy Medical Materials Management Department did not hesitate to choose KI. Simple repetition of True desking provides exceptional organization in a team setting while open workspaces resulted in increased productivity and collaboration.
  • Government - Fairfax, Virginia

    Item # KI-00865
    KI's Genius architectural wall proved to be the perfect solution for this customer's needs. Designed with glass panels, recessed connectors and angled splices, Genius wall created a stunning aesthetic with structural integrity for the uniquely curved office space.