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Laminates | Frosty White
Frosty White
Laminates | White Sand
White Sand
Laminates | Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean
Laminates | Grey
Laminates | Dove Grey
Dove Grey
Laminates | North Sea
North Sea
Laminates | Black
Laminates | Hollyberry
Laminates | Orange Grove
Orange Grove
Laminates | Island
Laminates | Ocean
Laminates | Lapis Blue
Lapis Blue
Laminates | White Markerboard
White Markerboard
Woodgrain Laminates
Laminates | Italian Silver Ash
Italian Silver Ash
Laminates | Sterling Ash
Sterling Ash
Laminates | River Cherry
River Cherry
Laminates | Florence Walnut
Florence Walnut
Laminates | Brighton Walnut
Brighton Walnut
Laminates | Cocobala
Laminates | Kensington Maple
Kensington Maple
Laminates | Castle Oak
Castle Oak
Laminates | Monticello Maple
Monticello Maple
Laminates | Cherry Storm
Cherry Storm
Laminates | Biltmore Cherry
Biltmore Cherry
Laminates | Windsor Mahogany
Windsor Mahogany
Laminates | Pearl Bisque
Pearl Bisque
Laminates | Pearl Silver
Pearl Silver
Laminates | Satin Stainless
Satin Stainless
Laminates | Titanium Evolv
Titanium Evolv
Laminates | Silicon Evolv
Silicon Evolv
Laminates | Nickel Evolv
Nickel Evolv
Laminates | Crisp Linen
Crisp Linen
Laminates | Flax Linen
Flax Linen
Laminates | Casual Linen
Casual Linen
Laminates | Rugged Linen
Rugged Linen
Laminates | Classic Linen
Classic Linen
Laminates | Pressed Linen
Pressed Linen
Laminates | Tailored Linen
Tailored Linen
Laminates | Irish Linen
Irish Linen
Laminates | Cloud Zephyr
Cloud Zephyr
Laminates | Shadow Zephyr
Shadow Zephyr
Laminates | Desert Zephyr
Desert Zephyr
Laminates | Canyon Zephyr
Canyon Zephyr
Laminates | Misted Zephyr
Misted Zephyr
Laminates | High Rise
High Rise
Laminates | White Nebula
White Nebula
Laminates | Graphite Nebula
Graphite Nebula
Laminates | Forged Steel
Forged Steel
Laminates | Fired Steel
Fired Steel
Low-Pressure Laminates (Aristotle)
Laminates | Biltmore Cherry
Biltmore Cherry
Laminates | Brighton Walnut
Brighton Walnut
Laminates | Charcoal
Laminates | Cocobala
Laminates | Copacabana
Laminates | Dark Sand
Dark Sand
Laminates | Dolce Vita
Dolce Vita
Laminates | Kensington Maple
Kensington Maple
Laminates | Light Grey
Light Grey
Laminates | Monticello Maple
Monticello Maple
Laminates | Sunset
Laminates | Tuxedo
Laminates | White
Laminates | White Chocolate
White Chocolate
Seamless Surface (Hiatus)
Laminates | Amati Walnut
Amati Walnut
Laminates | Fog
Laminates | Fusion Maple DT
Fusion Maple DT
Laminates | Glacier White
Glacier White
Laminates | Majestic Walnut
Majestic Walnut
Laminates | Northern Gray
Northern Gray
Laminates | Obsidian Oak
Obsidian Oak
Other Laminates (Extol)
Laminates | Beech
Laminates | Black
Laminates | Walnut

Additional Information

Care & Maintenance

View Care & Maintenance for Laminate to keep your laminate surface in good repair. Please note: White Markerboard laminate (LMK) requires specific maintenance for horizontal surfaces; refer to Care & Maintenance for Markerboard Laminate.

Material Variance

Slight variations occur in texture, color, grain configurations and finish acceptance of materials used. Therefore, finished pieces may vary in tone or character from images shown on this page. Please order a sample from your KI sales representative for a more accurate representation of the finished piece.


Product Approvals
Shadow Zephyr
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