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Edge Styles

Laminate Edges
Edge Styles | Postformed Elliptical
Postformed Elliptical
Edge Styles | Postformed Round
Postformed Round
Urethane Edge
Edge Styles | Molded Elliptical
Molded Elliptical
Molded Edges
Edge Styles | 53B 3/4" Bullnose
53B 3/4" Bullnose
Edge Styles | 54B 1-1/4" Bullnose
54B 1-1/4" Bullnose
Edge Styles | 73P 3/4" Straight
73P 3/4" Straight
Edge Styles | 74P 1-1/4" Straight
74P 1-1/4" Straight
Edge Styles | Flat T
Flat T
Edge Styles | Knife
Aristotle Laminate Casegood Edges
Edge Styles | 1" Flat
1" Flat
Edge Styles | 1.5" Flat
1.5" Flat
Edge Styles | 3 Wave Profile
3 Wave Profile
Edge Styles | 4 Wave Profile
4 Wave Profile
CafeWay Edges
Edge Styles | Urethane
Edge Styles | Sprayed
Uniframe Edges
Edge Styles | 3/4" Round
3/4" Round
Edge Styles | 3/4" Bullnose
3/4" Bullnose
Edge Styles | 3/4" Perfect
3/4" Perfect
Wood - Laminate or Veneer Top Edges
Edge Styles | 1-1/4" Bullnose Radius Corner
1-1/4" Bullnose Radius Corner
Edge Styles | 1-1/4" Bullnose Square Corner
1-1/4" Bullnose Square Corner
Edge Styles | 1-3/4" Bullnose Square Corner
1-3/4" Bullnose Square Corner
Edge Styles | 1-1/4" Straight Radius Corner
1-1/4" Straight Radius Corner
Edge Styles | 1-1/4" Straight Square Corner
1-1/4" Straight Square Corner
Edge Styles | 3/4" Band Radius Corner
3/4" Band Radius Corner
Edge Styles | 1-1/4" Band Radius Corner
1-1/4" Band Radius Corner
Edge Styles | 1-1/4" Band Square Corner
1-1/4" Band Square Corner
Edge Styles | 1-3/4" Band Square Corner
1-3/4" Band Square Corner
Edge Styles | 1-1/4" Bevel Radius Corner
1-1/4" Bevel Radius Corner
Edge Styles | 1-1/4" Bevel Square Corner
1-1/4" Bevel Square Corner
Edge Styles | Plateau Veneer
Plateau Veneer
Edge Styles | Reed Veneer
Reed Veneer
Edge Styles | Wood Edge Veneer
Wood Edge Veneer
Edge Styles | Knife
Edge Styles | Elliptical with Laminate Top
Elliptical with Laminate Top
Edge Styles | Elliptical with Veneer Top
Elliptical with Veneer Top

Additional Information

Material Variance

Slight variations occur in texture, color, grain configurations and finish acceptance of materials used. Therefore, finished pieces may vary in tone or character from images shown on this page. Please order a sample from your KI sales representative for a more accurate representation of the finished piece.


Product Approvals
1.5" Flat
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