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Responsible Product Design

An important part of responsible product design lies in material selection. Choosing the right raw materials – rapidly renewable materials, that is — positively impacts the environment. Whenever possible, we use materials made with a high percentage of recycled content, as well as such renewable materials as wheat board, soy board, sunflower board, linoleum, cork, rubberwood, soy-blend foams and more.

A Design for the Environment (DFE) analysis is considered for all new KI product development projects. Through this DFE program, KI continually reinforces its commitment to sustainable design by evaluating and improving on the following elements: recyclability and biodegradability; minimizing energy and water use; and reducing the environmental impact at the end of product life. Learn more in our corporate sustainability policy.

In addition, by introducing more materials into recycling programs, KI has effectively reduced its waste stream. By focusing on emerging sustainable processes, we’ve been able to include foam, plastic purgings and fabrics in recycling programs. Following a ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ design philosophy helps us lessen the impact on other natural resources as well – less water is used, there are fewer wastewater discharges, air emissions are controlled, and solid/hazardous waste is reduced.

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