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Press Release

KI Showcases Innovative Furniture and Architectural Wall Solutions at NeoCon 2015

June 15, 2015

CHICAGO - Visitors to KI's showroom (#1181) at the NeoCon® World's Trade Fair 2015 will see how KI's furniture and architectural walls work together to create a harmonious blend of furniture and design across multiple markets and applications.

"KI's NeoCon showroom represents a continuation of simplicity and unification of design," said Shawn Green, vice president of design and product marketing, KI. "We're excited to meet with customers and share how our new furniture and architectural wall solutions can inspire them to create elegant, flexible, functional environments."

The showroom features a wide range of new KI furniture and architectural walls solutions in a variety of applications and settings, such as administrative areas, lobbies, collaborative workspaces, conference rooms, classrooms and training centers.

New to NeoCon

Making headlines at NeoCon 2015 is a series of new products from KI: Sway Lounge Collection, Evoke Architectural Wall, Dōni Stack Seating and the Soltíce Metal Collection.

Debuting in KI's NeoCon showroom is the new Sway lounge collection-a revolutionary lounge seating solution offering users true freedom of movement. Sway's innovative design is based on a unique, 3D orbital motion and allows users to move freely from front to back, side to side, and everywhere in between. Sway enables users to work, study, think or relax for hours on end with uninterrupted comfort. With an aesthetic that challenges convention, Sway is thoroughly modern yet adaptive enough to be used anywhere.

Unlike traditional lounge seating, Sway instantly self-adjusts to an individual's preferred seating position and style. Its 180-degree full rotational movement and ease of motion provide infinite adjustability to any position, all while maintaining full cushion and body contact.

Sway is available with a coordinating occasional table and upholstered ottoman. 


Also debuting at NeoCon 2015 is Evoke Architectural Wall. The latest advancement in flexible and adaptable wall solutions, Evoke offers the ideal replacement for traditional drywall construction. Evoke redefines the architectural wall category with its incredibly clean aesthetics and virtually seamless panel-to-panel reveals. Augmented with a standard STC rating of 50, Evoke offers second-to-none acoustic performance for noticeably quieter spaces, offsetting noise pollution and privacy issues that may stem from today's open-plan approaches.

Evoke is a floor to ceiling dividing wall used to divide and define space. Evoke represents a revolution in unitized wall design and development, rendering traditional drywall virtually obsolete. Just as drywall evolved from antiquated plaster-based walls, Evoke is a new solid wall solution, which incorporates the desirable elements of drywall with advancements in modern unitized construction technology. The result is a completely new paradigm in modular walls: a product that looks and responds like drywall but without the negative impacts of drywall.

Evoke features 1/16" reveals between panels, which are barely visible. Its shells can be easily painted and repainted onsite. Most importantly, Evoke is the most acoustically advanced wall system ever designed at a price that is universally affordable.

evoke 4x5

NeoCon attendees will also be able to experience the ultimate in design freedom and comfort with Dōni Seating, the latest collaboration between KI and longtime design partner Giancarlo Piretti. Ergonomically designed, Dōni has the appearance of a single-piece shell, with a simple hip-articulation mechanism, back flex and body-conforming curves. Perfectly balancing style and comfort, Dōni encourages design freedom through the support of custom matched, two-tone poly and paint options, as well as a wide selection of base styles to address virtually any application.

Dōni was designed for anywhere a fresh seating approach is desired (office areas, break out spaces, classrooms and more), Dōni offers unlimited flexibility of style and function in a comprehensive seating collection. Specify monochrome or two-tone poly molded shell with optional upholstered seat and/or back pads.

doni 4x2

With superior attention to detail, award-winning designer Paul James has taken the incomparable durability of steel and refined it to an art form in Soltíce Metal. James' vision with Soltíce Metal was to take the established design of classic Soltíce, with its beautiful, inviting curves, and give it a fresh form. Its streamlined silhouette offers a stunning simplicity and creates a clean and contemporary aesthetic suitable for all environments.

Following the principles of Evidence-Based Design (EBD), Soltíce Metal is designed for ease of ingress and egress, by offering elevated seat heights and easy-to-grasp extended arm caps. The collection can be easily reconfigured and offers multiple seat widths to accommodate a range of people in various healthcare settings. It also offers the perfect balance of form and functionality within demanding environments.

The Soltíce Metal Collection features lounge seating, multiple seating (including guest and bariatric chairs), patient seating and occasional tables.

SM 6x4

New collections from Pallas® Textiles, a subsidiary of KI, will also be shown at NeoCon 2015, including the Expressions Collection and Topstitch Collection.

Showroom Highlights

In addition to new products, KI's showroom features a series of established furniture designs and technologies for business, healthcare, government and education markets.

Highlights include:

  • MyWay Lounge Seating - MyWay responds to the needs of each user with a wide variety of seating styles, allowing users to interact with the chair in varied unconventional seating styles-all while providing unparalleled ergonomic support. Users have the ability to sit on any horizontal surface and can sit in a variety of positions ranging from across the piece, diagonally, pretzel legged and more.
  • Lightline Movable Wall - Lightline is a pre-assembled, movable glass wall storefront solution dedicated to the enhancement of light. Unifying architecture and office furniture, Lightline provides the look of a sophisticated storefront, yet has flexible elements that promote reuse by adapting to business changes quickly, efficiently and environmentally. Line enhancements for 2013 include pre-assembled door units, back-painted and architectural glass solutions.
  • Learn2® Seating - Designed for higher education and K-12 environments based on extensive student research, KI's award-winning Learn2 Seating is uniquely versatile and mobile and represents the natural progression of KI's product portfolio of collaborative educational furniture solutions. Whether for individual study, group projects, or traditional classrooms, this seat and surface combination personalizes the learning experience.
  • The Connection Zone - The Connection Zone addresses the human element of workspace. From benching solutions, mobile screens and storage to privacy booths, Connection Zone supports the shift from ME space to WE space, creating "zones" that foster performance and accommodate a variety of work styles. Focus zones, ideation zones, interaction zones and privacy zones are supported by unique elements designed to efficiently maximize workspace.
  • Grazie® Seating Collection -Grazie seating advances comfort to the next level. Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, the unique Grazie frictionless mechanism mirrors human movement to provide intuitive comfort. An ultra-contoured seat continuously yields with weight and motion for no-pressure sitting. Its light, contemporary aesthetic reflects simple elegance.
  • Genius ® Movable Walls - Revealing a series of aesthetic enhancements, including concealed sliding door components, streamlined panel-to-panel connections and flush connectors, Genius walls establish a clean, seamless look in any environment.

Also this NeoCon, KI is bringing back #NeoConography-a mobile photography photo contest designed to showcase the creativity of NeoCon attendees. Attendees simply shoot their photo, tag it with the #NeoConography hashtag and share it with KI on Twitter or Facebook for a chance to win a $100 VISA gift card. Follow the NeoCon action with KI at and

KI manufactures innovative furniture and moveable wall system solutions for education, healthcare, government and corporate markets. The employee-owned company is headquartered in Green Bay, Wis. and operates sales offices and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia. KI tailors products and service solutions to the specific needs of each customer through its unique design and manufacturing philosophy. For more information, visit


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