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Press Release

KI Furniture Enters Chinese Marketplace

September 16, 2015

SHANGHAI and GREEN BAY, Wis. -- KI Furniture has gone to China.

The Wisconsin-based manufacturer launched its China business this month with a massive exhibit at Asia's leading furniture trade show, the China International Furniture Fair. KI's display received rave reviews and hosted some of the show's largest crowds.

"We are thrilled to be launching our China business -- and to work with millions of potential new customers," said Dick Resch, CEO of KI Furniture. "We look forward to teaming up with our Chinese partners to develop beautiful, quality furniture worthy of the KI name for the Asian market."

China represents an ideal -- and largely untapped -- market for KI. It's already the world's second-largest economy. Even in the wake of this summer's economic hiccup, China is still projected to grow some 7 percent this year.[1] Its middle class is projected to triple in size to more than 600 million within the next decade.[2] All those folks represent potential KI customers.

KI's exhibit, decked in splashes of red and featuring a diverse array of the company's products, attracted attendees from all over the 4 million square foot convention center.[3] KI's cutting-edge offerings in the educational and healthcare arenas received particular attention from those who visited the display. 

"This year's China International Furniture Fair was the perfect way for KI to announce our entry into the Chinese market," said Resch, who attended the fair himself. "We can't wait to build a future for KI in China."


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