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KI Learn2 Tablet Desk Review

iPhone + iPad Life Magazine | February 2013

Looking for an industrial-strength desk that is perfectly suited for an iPad with the durability a mobile student lifestyle requires? Then the KI Learn2 Tablet Desk is just what you're looking for. Read on to learn more about what this versatile and sturdy desk has to offer.

Remember the old desk you used to sit at when you went to school? Imagine taking that school desk concept and updating it to 21st century design aesthetics and functionality. Students carrying backpacks, drink bottles, and tablets need a place to easily store these items while ingesting knowledge. KI Learn2 Tablet desk is that futuristic vision turned reality. All these features are engineered into the desk's design along with a pivoting desk surface that can be easily adjusted via a rails system for the ideal distance, and the desk's surface area seems to be tailor-made for an iPad and another portrait-sized item like a paper book or scratch pad.

KI Learn2 Tablet Desk Review Image 1.jpg

The Learn2 can also be easily moved and secured thanks to its locking rollers, and the model I tested came with an upholstered seat that provided a comfortable and studious experience. Sliding in and out of the seat was effortless, and the stability and quality of construction is superior to any other tablet desk I ever previously used. Besides being an ideal desk for students, the Learn2 can also be used in home or work settings where space is at a premium. In fact, I can easily envision the Learn2 being a full computer desk replacement for a tablet-only lifestyle, since KI's design incorporates everything you need to effectively use to easily position the iPad as the primary learning conduit.

KI Learn2 Tablet Desk Review Image 2.jpg

In addition to the incredibly durable aspect that KI has designed into the desk, it simply looks and feels like it was built for the tablet-toting student of the modern age. From the drink holders built into the slanted book bag shelfs at the base of the chair to the surface area of the desk that is just the right fit for a tablet like the iPad, the KI Learn2 is what 21st century furniture for the educational or even home study setting is all about. Spending a little more on seat cushion padding is worth the price, as it makes sitting in the Learn2 a very comfortable experience (great for long hours of lecture or study). And because the Learn2 has a roller wheel base, it easily glides while scooting it into a certain orientation for group or individual study sessions. About the only thing missing from the Learn2 is a docking port or conduit for cable and power management. But I have no doubt that these add-ons will be considered in a future iteration of the desk.

KI Learn2 Tablet Desk Review Image 3.jpg

Overall, if you're looking for an especially durable desk with a 21st century educational furniture design aesthetic with an iPad-friendly desk surface, nothing else compares to the KI Learn2. Seeing a desk like this makes me wish I was back in school again!

Product:  Learn2 Tablet Desk 
Manufacturer:  KI 
Price:  $600+ depending on options 
Rating:  5 out of 5 stars

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