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NJPAdvantage eCoupled Newsletter

NJPAdvantage | March 2010

Imagine working at a desk in a cordless environment. Your lamp, cell phone, laptop computer, digital camera and PDA are kept charged or directly powered without any cords. Picture walking into a conference room with your laptop and cell phone and simply setting the devices on a wireless power-enabled conference table to continue your wireless experience uninterrupted. 

Now imagine hotel furniture, kitchen counters, night stands, coffee-shop tables, even seating throughout every workplace, campus and residence providing wireless power. No more consequences of forgetting to carry chargers; or worse, leaving a charger behind at an out-of-town hotel or across-town location and facing the associated expense and hassle of replacing or retrieving it. 

It's not science fiction. It's a soon-to-be reality for today's facility managers, architects, interior designers and specifiers looking to accommodate the increasing power needs that come with a world that runs on portable devices. And it's made possible by eCoupled Intelligent Wireless Power Technology. 

Without the conventional restraints of cords, connectors or contact points, eCoupled technology uses intelligent communication between a surface and device to safely transfer power to electronic devices through the use of near-field magnetic coupling. And it does it with over 98 percent efficiency. 

As the technology becomes ready to market, wireless power companies are looking for innovative ways to deliver it to today's digitally driven consumers. 

KI, an industry-leading global provider of education, healthcare, government and business furniture, is one such company committed to making it easy for consumers to access wireless charging systems. KI plans to build eCoupled technology directly into its tables and desking for higher education, business, government and other working environments. 

With eCoupled technology built into KI furniture, ordinary work surfaces can be transformed into wireless charging stations, eliminating the need for power cords and battery chargers. Tables and desktops or drawers can be embedded with coils that initiate charging, thereby converting them into easy charging stations for laptops and cell phones. Using the wireless power of inductive coupling, the furniture's charging surfaces transfer energy to any eCoupled-enabled portable device. 

"With today's consumers demanding a seamlessly digital lifestyle, it's now more important than ever for KI to integrate ground-breaking solutions like eCoupled technology into our furniture to meet those needs," said Mike Tennity, Vice President of Design and Development, KI. "We're excited to play a key role in delivering eCoupled from higher education to government and other environments." 

KI serves as a development partner with Fulton Innovation, creator and licensor of eCoupled technology. KI recently showcased its integration of eCoupled intelligent wireless power technology at the 2010 International CES®, the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow. KI also plans to demonstrate the technology at the 2010 NeoCon World's Trade Fair in showroom #1181.

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