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As a trusted market resource, we furnish more than furniture. We furnish knowledge. From trends in workplace design to research on learning environments, our blog offers an avenue for real-world insights, product information, design inspiration and more. Subscribe to receive the latest updates in your inbox.

Latest Posts in A&D

November 20, 2020 What Task Chair Is Right For You? 

There are so many task chairs on the market that it can be difficult to know which one is the right fit.

by KI Furniture
November 13, 2020 A Conversation with IIDA’s Student of the Year: Tyler Hatton 

We explore the future of design with Tyler Hatton, IIDA's Student of the Year Award recipient and Ohio State graduate.

by KI Furniture
October 30, 2020 The Impact of the Built Environment 

Interior designers are collectors of experiences, translating those experiences into the built environment.

by Deborah Breunig VP of A&D Marketing
October 23, 2020 Addressing Vulnerability as the Pandemic Weathers On 

Vulnerability should not be viewed as a negative trait, but as a natural response to the world we’re living in.

by Deborah Breunig VP of A&D Marketing
October 16, 2020 The Culture of Community 

What does community mean when being together physically is challenged? View insights from IIDA's Community as Strategy virtual event.

by Deborah Breunig VP of A&D Marketing
August 14, 2020 Approaching Community with Intention 

Presented by KI and IIDA, a panel of design professionals investigated community building in the time of COVID.

by Deborah Breunig VP of A&D Marketing
July 24, 2020 WiggleRoom: Privacy and Safety in Public Space 

WiggleRoom can offer employers and schools alike an innovative way to enable focused work safely in open, public space.

by KI Furniture
July 13, 2020 As Employees Return to Work, Give Them 100 Percent Control with Tattoo 

Millions could soon return to work. KI’s Tattoo Collection creates flexible workplaces tailored to specific employee needs.

by Jonathan Webb Director - Workplace
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