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Sustainability is a strong part of who we are, and it starts with "the green behind the red" icon - a symbol of our ongoing mission to impact less. In fact, the more you look behind the red, the more you'll find green in everything we do.



We have our own private trucking fleet consisting of fuel-efficient vehicles and the smallest diesel engines available. In fact, KI recently acquired a new fleet of SmartWay Certified trucks. The fleet averages 8 miles per gallon, resulting in less fuel usage, decreased exhaust output, and economic savings. Other transportation-related initiatives include the following:

  • Fuel Bonus — KI drivers receive a fuel bonus for driving the vehicle in a manner that conserves fuel by increasing mileage and maximizing resources and minimizing waste and pollution.
  • Scheduling — By consolidating destinations for the fleet, KI dispatchers use the maximum amount of truck space available, reducing the number of trucks on the road. KI saves on fuel usage as well as equipment wear and tear.
  • Packaging — Various methods are used to increase space capacity, including palletizing, shrink wrapping and blanket wrapping products, eliminating space-consuming packaging.
  • Ship Direct — Because our main method of shipping is direct to the customer, we eliminate multiple stops and go directly to the final destination, reducing the number of trucks on the road, fuel usage, and equipment wear and tear.

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