Personalizing Green

Sustainability is a strong part of who we are, and it starts with "the green behind the red" icon - a symbol of our ongoing mission to impact less. In fact, the more you look behind the red, the more you'll find green in everything we do.



Our goal is to achieve 100 percent recycled packaging (recyclable at the job or installation site) to eliminate tons of unnecessary materials making way to our landfills.

We’re committed to reducing the use of packaging materials by finding alternative methods to safely ship and receive products to and from suppliers, end-users and other manufacturing locations. To reduce landfill waste, we’re reusing materials such as wood pallets wherever possible. We’ve also incorporated the use of plastic totes, shrink-wrapping, blanket wrapping and racking of products to alleviate the amount of "box" materials used in the shipping process.

Plus, all of the packages that leave KI are marked with the universal sign for recycling, encouraging recipients to also be environmentally responsible.

In essence, KI’s sustainable approach to packaging is summarized by the following initiatives:

  1. Reduce packaging materials.
  2. Increase recycled content in packaging materials and reduce the use of virgin materials.
  3. Ensure that all materials can be easily recycled post shipment.

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